& SEO 

Your website is a window to the world - for customers, clients, and partners to look into. It's where your SEO, PPC, email, social, TV, radio, print, and even outdoor campaigns will lead to.
And there is a simple truth:
Customers WILL judge your business by your website. Even if your competition has an inferior product/service, a superior website means they win.

Don’t let them.
We will plan and design your website based on our proven “Fab Five” strategy:

1. Search Engine Ranking 

In the film “Field of Dreams”, Kevin Costner builds a baseball field in the middle of nowhere. He does it based on the premise that “"If you build it, they will come”.

Well, for your website it's exactly the opposite.

Visitors must be able to easily find your site. It has to rank high enough with the search engines so that your website shows up on the first page of the search results. The average click-through- rate of the first result on a Google search is

  • 30%, followed by

  • 17% for the second search result, and

  • 12% for the third.

If you are below that, or worst, on page two, then you are invisible.

N.1 Creative makes sure that your website gets on page one, or even better as one of the top three results.  Our conversion specialists will integrate proven calls-to-action throughout your website. Each page will encourage a customer action that translates into a purchase, an estimate request, phone call, or online contact

2. Useability / Navigation

People use the internet for only two basic reasons:

  1. To find things to buy 

  2. For entertainment


When visitors land on your website, you have only 3 to 7 seconds to capture their attention - or they’ll leave.

To make sure they stay, N.1 Creative studies:

  • Your brand

  • Your products and/or services

  • The characteristics of your target audience

This allows us to to design the site navigation that will make your site quick to navigate, easy to read, and addictive to use.

3. Compelling Content

The content of your website must be:

  • Relevant to your target audience 

  • Compelling

  • Complete

  • Easy to read

  • Original

And more importantly, it has to be all geared to your goals - generating leads and to help move prospects quickly through the sales cycle.

4. Visual Appeal

Dress makes not the man. But the website makes the company.

If your website is ugly, visitors will leave within seconds. Outdated, untrustworthy, or shoddy looking websites will repel otherwise valuable leads instantly.

Our graphic designer team will bring your website to life with colour, images and a layout that makes your company’ attractive. We will guide you through the design process provide sample pages for your review and final approval.

5. Technically Sound

You depend on your website. So do your clients and prospects.

Therefore, coding of your website needs to be clean and lean. It needs to meet the standards established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

The selected host for your website should be robust, provide 24/7 troubleshooting, and have a stellar record of no hiccups; no downtime; no data losses; or, other failures.

We can care for all of the required webmaster and related technical services that will keep your website up and running 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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